Students talking in hall


Got questions about what it's like to study at St Peter's and at the University of Oxford more generally? Then check out these answers to some FAQs as given by our very own students!

FAQs include:

  • Why did you apply to St Peter’s College? – 0:02
  • What is an average week like (Arts/Humanities)? – 3:18
  • How many students are at St Peter’s College, and do you get to know students in other subjects? – 5:26
  • What is first year accommodation like and what does it cost? – 7:10
  • What are the libraries like? – 8:28
  • What are the tutors and tutorials like? – 10:20
  • What’s it like living out in second year? – 14:00
  • What is a typical working week like (Sciences)? – 17:17