Governing Body

Governing Body

Prof Thomas Adcock

Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science;

Associate Professor in Engineering Science, Website Co-ordinator

Dr Massimo Antonini
Dr Massimo Antonini

Official Fellow and Tutor in Economics

Prof Stephen Baxter

Clarendon Associate Professor;

Barron Fellow in Medieval History; Fellow Archivist


Prof Michael Bonsall

Fellow and Tutor in Biological Sciences,

Professor of Mathematical Biology and Tutor for Graduates

Prof Daron Burrows

Fellow and Tutor in Medieval French

Professor of Medieval French

Prof Cyrus Cooper
Prof Cyrus Cooper, OBE

Professor of Musculoskeletal Science

Mark Damazer
Mark Damazer

The Master

Dr Huw Dorkins
Dr Huw Dorkins

E.P. Abraham Fellow and Tutor in Medicine

Fellow Librarian; Dean of Degrees

Prof Danny Dorling
Prof Danny Dorling

Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, Professorial Fellow

Prof Chris Foot
Prof Christopher Foot

Vice-Master, Acting Senior Tutor, Perenco Fellow and Tutor in Physics

Professor of Physics

Mr James Graham
Mr James Graham

Fellow for Sport

Prof Hanneke Grootenboer

Fellow, Tutor and Professor in the History of Art

Prof Sondra Hausner

Fellow and Tutor in Theology and Religion;

Professor in the Study of Religion

Dr Peter Kail

Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy;

University Lecturer in the History of Modern Philosophy

Prof Nick Lakin
Prof Nick Lakin

Rank Fellow and Tutor in Biochemistry

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Dr Dorota Leczykiewicz

Official Fellow and Tutor in Law;

Associate Professor of Law

Dr Marc Macias-Fauria
Dr Marc Macias-Fauria

NERC Fellow
Associate Professor of Physical Geography

Dr Marina MacKay

Fellow and Tutor in English

Prof Lionel Mason

Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics; Professor of Mathematics

Computer Curator; SCR President

Dr Tim Mawson

Edgar Jones Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy; Prevent Lead


Dr Hartmut Mayer

Fellow and Tutor in Politics and International Relations

Prof Charles Monroe

Alexander Mosley Charitable Trust Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science;

Associate Professor in Engineering Science

Dr Inés Moreno de Barreda

Official Fellow and Tutor in Economics;

Associate Professor in Economics

Dr Joanna Neilly

Associate Professor, Fellow and Tutor in German

Geoff Nicholls
Dr Geoff Nicholls

Fellow and Tutor in Statistics; University Lecturer in Statistics

Dr Robert Pitkethly
Dr Robert Pitkethly

Fellow and Tutor in Management

Tutor for Undergraduates and Tutor for Admissions

Prof Phillip Rothwell

King John II Professor of Portuguese, Professorial Fellow

Prof Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

Manika & Harjeev Kandhari Fellow and Tutor in Politics

Professor of the International Politics of Africa

Prof Balázs Szendrői

Senior Tutor, Martin Powell Fellow and Tutor in Pure Mathematics


Prof Peter Taylor
Prof Peter Taylor

Norman Collisson Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences

Professorial Fellow

Dr Nicholas Tosca

Sackler Fellow and Tutor in Earth Sciences; Associate Professor in Sedimentary Geology

Dr Stephen Tuffnell

Fellow and Associate Professor of Modern US History

Prof Abigail Williams

Lord White Fellow and Tutor in English; Professor of English Literature

Fellow for Equality and Diversity

Dr Claire Williams

Fellow and Tutor in Portuguese

Associate Professor of Brazilian Literature and Culture

Prof Dariusz Wójcik

Edgar Jones Fellow and Tutor in Geography, Professor of Economic Geography