College Officers

College Officers

Prof Thomas Adcock

Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science;

Associate Professor in Engineering Science, Website Co-ordinator

Prof Michael Bonsall

Fellow and Tutor in Biological Sciences,

Professor of Mathematical Biology and Tutor for Graduates

Dr Huw Dorkins
Dr Huw Dorkins

E.P. Abraham Fellow and Tutor in Medicine

Fellow Librarian; Dean of Degrees

Mr James Graham
Mr James Graham

Fellow for Sport

Prof Lionel Mason

Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics; Professor of Mathematics

Computer Curator; SCR President

Dr Tim Mawson

Edgar Jones Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy; Prevent Lead


Dr Robert Pitkethly
Dr Robert Pitkethly

Fellow and Tutor in Management

Tutor for Undergraduates and Tutor for Admissions

Ms Alice Raw

Welfare Officer

Matthew Reid

Junior Dean

Mr Edward Scrivens

Welfare Officer

Ms Jaime Swift

Junior Dean

Prof Balázs Szendrői

Senior Tutor, Martin Powell Fellow and Tutor in Pure Mathematics


Kate Tempest

College Nurse

Ms Eleanor Tingle

Dean for Welfare

Ms Catherine Whalley

College Registrar, Supernumerary Fellow