Ms Jessica Milligan

Ms Jessica Milligan

I came to Oxford two years ago to complete the MPhil degree in Economics, and am now starting the DPhil. Before Oxford, I worked in London for a few years in Management Consulting, during which time I specialised in healthcare transformation projects. In contrast both to this professional experience and my current academic discipline, my undergraduate degree at Cambridge was in Spanish and Russian. My final dissertation explored Russian neo-primitive illustrations for a set of revolutionary futurist poetry. Although this may appear to be an unusual pathway to microeconomics, you can chart my underlying interests: people, their choices and interactions and, ultimately, their wellbeing.


This year I will be giving tutorials in Prelims Microeconomics and Macroeconomics to students reading Economics and Management and History and Economics at St Peter's.


My research interests lie in Microeconomic theory and theory-based empirical testing, within the field of Behavioural Economics. During my MPhil thesis, I used revealed preference theory and distance measurements to test a central hypothesis: could national happiness data contain more information about peoples’ wellbeing than the budget and expenditure data typically used by economists and policy makers? For my DPhil, I’m staying in the realm of wellbeing, but I intend to model and then test how an individual's aspirations and habits affect both their choices and welfare over time and those of the peer group that surrounds them.