Dr Kate Kirkpatrick

Dr Kate Kirkpatrick

I read Philosophy and Theology as an undergraduate at Oxford. After graduating, I spent five years working in publishing as an editor and commissioning editor of trade non-fiction books. This stint in publishing (enjoyable though it was) led me to realize that my love for books and ideas found a better home in research, writing and teaching. I returned to Oxford to complete my masters and doctorate and was delighted to be appointed Lecturer in Theology at St Peter’s in 2015.  


At St Peter's, I teach papers on Christian doctrine including the first-year papers on Church History and the Study of Religion, and finals papers on the Development of Doctrine in the early church and the modern doctrine paper, God, Christ, and Salvation. I also teach other papers in Philosophy and Theology for other colleges, and lead an option on Simone de Beauvoir for the MSt in Women’s Studies.


Broadly speaking, my interests range between philosophy and theology. My primary areas of research are existentialism, French phenomenology and feminism, Christian doctrine, and the philosophy of religion. I am interested in questions of methodology in philosophy, theology, and the study of religion. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the author of Sartre and Theology (Bloomsbury 2017), Sartre on Sin: Between Being and Nothingness (Oxford University Press 2017), and Becoming Beauvoir (Bloomsbury 2018). 

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