Dr Inés Moreno de Barreda

Dr Inés Moreno de Barreda

I am an Official Fellow and Tutor in Economics at St Peter’s and an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics. I joined St Peter’s in September 2014 after completing a three-year post-doctorate fellowship at Nuffield College. Before coming to Oxford, I finished my doctorate In Economics at the London School of Economics.


At St Peter’s, I teach the second year core course in Microeconomics and the last few weeks of the Introduction to Microeconomics for the first-year introduction to Economics course. At the Department, I lecture on Microeconomic Analysis, a third year undergraduate course, and at the graduate level I lecture Game Theory to the first year MPhil students in Economics.


My research focuses on problems related to asymmetric information in economic interactions. The asymmetry of information -the fact that different agents hold different pieces of relevant information- usually creates distortions and inefficiencies in interactions. I study the agents’ incentives to reveal information; the consequences of such asymmetric information and different ways to design interactions so that full revelation of information is achieved. This work can be applied to study interactions in Political Economy, Management and Competition policies among others.