Dr Huw Dorkins

Dr Huw Dorkins

Dr Huw Dorkins

BM BCh MA Oxf, MSc Lond, FRCP, FRCPath, Fellow and Tutor in Medicine.

I have been a Fellow of St Peter’s since 1991. I am responsible for the selection and admission of medical students to our six-year conventional medical course and the four-year accelerated medical course for graduates.

Clinical/Research interests

I am a medical geneticist with interests in cancer genetics and neurogenetics. I hold an NHS appointment as a Consultant Clinical Geneticist. I have served as President of the Medical Genetics section of the Royal Society of Medicine. I am an examiner in genetics for the Royal College of Pathologists.


I organize the pre-clinical teaching at St Peter’s, providing much of it myself. I have oversight of academic and other provision for clinical medical students at St Peter’s; most of that teaching is arranged by Dr Susanne Hodgson.

I served as Deputy Director of the University’s Graduate entry medical course from 2009 - 2015 and continue to teach on that course. I was the University’s Senior Proctor in 2012/13 and an elected member of the Council of the University in 2013/14. I am also Dean of Degrees at St Peter's.

Fellow Librarian

I work closely with the College Librarian, Dr David Johnson on the management of the college library. The college’s Library Committee meets termly and includes undergraduate and graduate student representatives. We recently undertook a user survey, which showed a high level of satisfaction with the college’s provision in this area. We are keen to ensure that, within the available resources, the library continues to meet the academic needs of members of the college to the highest standards.