Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions (2022 entry)

On this page you can find information relevant to candidates who have applied or been allocated to St Peter's (2022 entry).

Admissions to St Peter's is managed by the college's Academic Office. Academic Office staff will guide you through the entire admissions process from application to entry at St Peter’s. 

If you have any questions about your application to St Peter's, including the interview process, please get in touch with us (admissions@spc.ox.ac.uk).

The UCAS deadline for 2022 entry is 15 October 2021.

Once submitted, your UCAS form should reach us here at St Peter’s on 25 October 2021. We will acknowledge your application by e-mail, so please make sure you remember to check your inbox and junk folders regularly.

We aim to acknowledge your application on 25 October 2021.

Most invitations to interviews will be sent out towards the end of November. Please note, this year all interviews will be held remotely using Microsoft Teams. For more information, please see University Guidelines.

Some subjects require you to send in a sample of your written work . The deadline to submit written work to St Peter’s is 6pm on Tuesday 10 November 2021. Further guidance about written work, including whether your course required written work, can be found here

Guidance on the submission of written work, together with a downloadable coursework coversheet are available online

Please scan your written work and upload it to the St Peter’s College Submission Portal along with the required Cover Sheet All attachments must be must be sent as PDFs. 


This year, all admissions interviews will be held online. 

Interviews form an important part of the selection process here in Oxford. The tutors may ask about your school studies and your interests, but you should also expect some searching questions about your subject. In some subjects you may be asked questions arising from your written work, or your reading; in other subjects, the tutors may pose a problem and ask how you would try to solve it, or base the interview on a piece of text you will be given to read. The tutors will not be trying to catch you out, but they will be seeking to find out how well your talents are suited to our courses. If you think that the questions are difficult, you can be reassured that the other candidates in your subject will be thinking much the same!

If you would like to find out more about the interviews, please read the Interviews section of the Oxford University website

The University are offering Remote Interview Workshops (open to state school students) to help guide you through the process. To sign up, please see here.

Interviews at Other Colleges

You might be called for interviews at other colleges. You will be notified of any additional interviews by email (with 24 hours’ notice). It is imperative you regularly check your emails during the interview period for your course (please see here) so you do not miss a second interview. 


Decision letters will be sent simultaneously to all candidates regardless of subject. You will receive an email on 12th January 2022 (decisions will also be released via UCAS on this date). 

Please note, decisions cannot be discussed over the telephone. 


If you encounter any difficulties during interviews, please don’t suffer in silence! We will have student helpers available (remotely) to help you. You can also contact the Academic Office via email (admissions@spc.ox.ac.uk) or by telephone (+44 (0)1865 614614/ +44(0)1865 278863).