Visiting Students - Physics


Visiting students can choose from the lecture courses offered by the Physics Department supported by weekly tutorials in college. Physics undergraduates typically have two tutorials per week throughout the second and third year. For all year groups, the second half of the summer term is taken up by revision classes and alternative arrangements are made for Visiting Students. The more advanced fourth year courses are taught by classes organised by the Department. In addition to the mainstream courses, students can also carry out practical work in the teaching laboratories or study Physics and Philosophy.

The topics covered in the second year are quantum mechanics (including mathematical physics and introductory atomic physics), thermal physics (including thermodynamics, kinetic theory and statistical mechanics), electromagnetism and optics. Students give a short talk on a physics subject, which is an assessed part of the course for Oxford undergraduates but is optional for Visiting Students. 

The six lecture courses in the third year are Flows and Complexity; Special Relativity; Atoms, Molecules & Lasers, Condensed Matter Physics, Nuclear and Particle Physics and General Relativity. It is possible to follow a mixture of second and third year courses, but lectures may clash in some cases. There are also short optional courses and many talks by visiting speakers. 

Full details are given in the Physics Course Handbook which can be sent out electronically by request. Visiting Students may chose to carry out experimental work on the practical course. Several Visiting Students have successfully arranged projects with particular research groups. 

More generally, being in Oxford for a year provides an opportunity to find out about the many areas of active research in the Physics Department.