Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Courses in Politics

Our Politics tutors require you to choose at least one of the asterisked courses if you are taking courses in Politics.

1) *Comparative Government

2) British Politics and Government in the Twentieth Century

3) Theory of Politics

4) Modern British Government and Politics

5) Government and Politics of the United States

6) Government and Politics in Western Europe

7) Soviet and Post Soviet Government and Politics

8) *Politics in Sub Saharan Africa

9) Politics in Latin America

10) Politics in South Asia

11) Politics in the Middle East

12) International Relations in the Era of Two World Wars

13) *International Relations in the Era of the Cold War

14) *International Relations

15) Classical Political Thought

16) Foundations of Modern Social and Political Thought

17) Marxism

18) Sociological Theory

19) The Sociology of Industrial Societies

20) *Political Sociology

21) British Social History since 1870

22) Labour Economics and Industrial Relations

23) The Government and Politics of Japan

24) Social Policy

25) *Politics of the European Union