Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

As a PPE student over the year you will have a chance to either study all three subjects, or study any combination of two out of the three subjects. There is a broad choice of courses to choose from in each subject, and tutors will help you to plan your studies. PPE students normally take two courses per term.

Most PPE courses are taught in tutorials, typically with one or two other students, but some of the more quantitative courses may be taught in small classes or as a combination of tutorials and classes. Tutorials usually last an hour, and consist of a discussion of the work the tutor has asked you to prepare, as well as of the literature you have been advised to read. The tutorial is a structured discussion between yourself, your tutorial partner and your tutor. Tutorial discussion will allow you to discuss and develop your ideas on the subject, as well as learn from the tutor and tutorial partners. For each tutorial you will be assigned some work, usually an essay to write, a problem set, or practical statistical work for quantitative courses. In addition to tutorials there will be lectures for each course.

Below you will find links to list of courses you can normally choose from. Please note that these lists are subject to small changes from year to year, and that some courses may require a core course as a prerequisite.




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