Visiting Students - Portuguese

Modern Languages

Courses in Portuguese

Beginners' and intermediate courses in the Portuguese language cannot be offered in the College. Students interested in these options may be able to join courses in the University's Language Centre, subject to availability.

Although knowledge of Portuguese is desirable, texts can be taught using English translations if necessary. These courses must be taken in combination with another subject.

Literature and Culture of the Portuguese-Speaking World

Term-long courses of four fortnightly Tutorials:

Michaelmas Term:

(a) Modern Brazilian Literature (1880-2010)

(b) Special Author: Machado de Assis OR Clarice Lispector

(c) Special Author: Pepetela OR Mia Couto

Hilary Term:

(a) Brazilian Cinema

(b) Contemporary Brazilian Literature

(c) Lusophone African Literature

Trinity Term:

(a) Special Author: Clarice Lispector OR Machado de Assis

(b) Women's Writing from Portugal, Brazil and Mozambique

It may be possible to arrange teaching outside the college on literary subjects and periods other than those listed above.