Visiting Students - German

Modern Languages

Courses in German

Beginners' and intermediate courses in the German language cannot be offered in the College. Students interested in these options may be able ot join courses in the University's Language Centre, subject to availability.

For students with credits in Advanced German (equivalent to Goethe-Institut level C1), the following courses are available:

1. Advanced translation. In all three terms: weekly classes translating from German into English and vice versa.

2. Literature. Term-long courses of four fortnightly tutorials:

(a) Goethe and Schiller.

(b) Hölderlin and Kleist.

(c) The literature of German Romanticism: Novalis, Tieck, Hoffer, Eichendorff.

(d) 19th-century realism: Büchner, Storm, Fontane.

(e) Prose fiction of the Klassische Moderne: Mann, Schnitzler, Musil, Kafka.

All Visiting Students in German take "1. Advanced translation". Those combining German with another subject choose one course per term from "2. Literature". Those taking German on its own choose two courses per term from this list.

For one term out of three, it may be possible to arrange teaching outside the college on literary subjects and periods other than those listed above.