Visiting Students - Management


Management at Oxford is studied jointly with at least another subject, mostly Economics but also Engineering. As a visiting student you may be able to take combinations with other subjects, but taking management as a single subject is usually not possible.

Management courses are usually taught in tutorials- normally on your own or with another student. Each tutorial lasts an hour, and will usually consist of a discussion of the written work you have produced that week, and of the reading you have been advised to do. You will normally take one tutorial per week in management and one in another subject. In addition to tutorials, you will have the chance to attend any undergraduate lectures you choose. Oxford also has a vast number of extra seminars, talks, and events, all of which will be open to you.

List of Courses

The following courses are taught in college and are likely to be on offer most years:

  • General Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Technology Management
  • International Business
  • Intellectual Property Management

Tuition for courses in other areas of management would need to be arranged with tutors for other colleges, and we cannot guarantee that it will be possible. Please note that for Finance and Accounting in particular there is usually excess demand. Tuition in those subjects is not available for Visiting Students in most years.