Visiting Students - History


As an Oxford historian, you will have the opportunity to study the past from the last days of the Roman Empire (c.300AD) to the present day. With more than one hundred historians working across the University, you can study the history of the world from an unparalleled range of thematic and geographic vantage points.

Teaching and Learning

The tutorial system is at the heart of history tuition in Oxford. Usually, you will have one weekly tutorial and one fortnightly tutorial; either on your own or with another student. Your tutors will offer you guidance on which topics to pursue and how to navigate the vast historical literature available to you. Each tutorial lasts an hour, and centres on the written work you have submitted and the reading you have been assigned that week. Tutorials are a collaborative space to challenge received wisdom, test original ideas, and explore new periods and concepts. We also help you to hone the craft of historical writing through regular feedback on your submitted work. We find it particularly stimulating to teach visiting students with experience of different teaching backgrounds out of which they bring new insights to discussion.

In addition to tutorials, you are also welcome to attend any lecture you choose. Many lecture series are specially designed to introduce you to the key historical works and interpretations of the papers on offer (see below), but there is a wide variety of extra seminars, talks, workshops, and special lectures hosted by staff and students alike that take place around the University – all of which are open to you.

Course Options

Your choices are not constrained by the research specialisms of the historians at St Peter’s, we will arrange tuition with a specialist historian from across the University.

Single Honours

As a single honours student, you will be fully integrated with our second-year historians. The year is structured as follows

Michaelmas Term: 1 paper on the History of the British Isles & the “Making Historical Arguments” strand of Disciplines of History.

Hilary Term: 1 paper of either British or European and World History*, or a Further Subject*, and the “Making Historical Comparisons” strand of Disciplines of History.

Trinity Term: 1 paper of European and World History

* Subject to Faculty capacity

Joint Honours

As a Joint Honours student you can choose to combine your historical studies with another subject such as Politics, English, Modern Languages, or Economics. You can therefore balance the paper choices above in combination with papers from your partner subject.

A full list of courses and related information can be found here.