Visiting Students - Biochemistry


The Oxford Biochemistry department is one of the largest in Europe, with sub-departments in Cell and Chromosome Biology, Genes and Development, Molecular Biophysics, Molecular and Systems Biochemistry and Glycobiology. This breadth of interests is reflected in the 4 year undergraduate course offered by the department, leading to an MBiochem degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.

Lectures, tutorials (usually 1-2 per week) and practical classes provide a thorough grounding in core disciplines pertinent to contemporary molecular and cellular biochemistry. Year 1 consists of 5 papers including molecular and cellular biology, biological chemistry, biophysical chemistry, organic chemistry and elementary maths and statistics. Years 2-3 consists of 4 core papers: structure and function of macromolecules, energetics and metabolic processes, genetics and molecular biology, cell biology and integration of function. An additional paper is concerned with data handling and interpretation.

Visiting students usually integrate into the second year of the biochemistry course, covering all the core disciplines of molecular and cellular biochemistry described above. In discussion with the biochemistry tutors at the college, additional bespoke courses can be arranged to compliment the student’s interests, previous academic courses and aspirations. Teaching consists of lecture classes in addition to 1-2 tutorials per week, usually with other St. Peter’s biochemistry undergraduates. Oxford also has a vast number of extra seminars, talks and workshops relevant to biochemistry students, including those organised by the thriving research centres within the biochemistry department and Medical Sciences Division of the University.

Further information on the biochemistry course can be found here.