Visiting Students - Archaeology and Anthropology

Archaeology and Anthropology

As an Oxford student, you will find that you are given a great deal of freedom to follow your own interests and work independently. The courses you take will be chosen in consultation with your tutor, usually in an initial meeting at the start of term.

Formal teaching consists of one or two tutorials each week: each tutorial lasts one hour, and will usually consist of a discussion of the written work you have produced that week, and of the reading you have been advised to do. You will be taught either on your own or with one or two other students. In addition to tutorials, you will be expected to attend the relevant lectures. Lectures are designed to enhance your study of a particular period/topic. Oxford also has a vast number of extra seminars, talks, readings, workshops, discussion groups and so forth, all of which will be open to you.

In the course of each eight-week term, Archaeology and Anthropology students will be expected to take 12 tutorials. The recommended division is to take 8 tutorials in one subject and 4 in another. In order to gain overview of the core and option courses that are on offer in the Schools of Archaeology and Anthropology, have a look through the Archaeology & Anthropology course webpages.