Undergraduate Admissions 2017

News for Candidates

UCAS Deadline 15 October 2017

Your UCAS form should reach us here at St Peter’s sometime towards the end of the week beginning 23 October. If there are any delays with the transfer of this information we will keep you informed. We will be acknowledging your application by e-mail, so please make sure that you remember to check your inbox and junk folders regularly.

Acknowledgement of Applications - end of October 2017

Acknowledgement of Applications will be sent out as soon as possible after the UCAS deadline

Invitations to Interview

Most invitations to the interviews will be sent out towards the end of November.

Written Work

This is a reminder that some subjects require written work (see www.ox.ac.uk/writwork for information about whether you are required to submit written work for your course). The deadline to submit written work to the college is 12 noon on Friday 10 November 2017.

Guidance on the submission of written work should be carefully read, along with a downloadable coursework coversheet available online at: www.ox.ac.uk/writwork

Please e-mail written work to written.work@spc.ox.ac.uk with a scanned copy of your written work and the required coversheet. This must be sent in pdf format if possible.

If you are posting your written work please ensure the following:

  • That you keep a copy for your own records. Please note that mailed-in written work cannot be returned to you. 
  • Do not use staples or treasury tags. The Admissions Office will need to make multiple copies of your written work.  
  • If possible, please print single-sided.  
  • Use adequate postage. It may be advisable to use registered post.  

Oxford Traffic Problems

  • Road Works - There are a number of major road works affecting access to the city particularly with regards to access from the SOUTH and WEST. These works will continue throughout December, so if at all possible, please try to avoid coming to Oxford by car.
  • Parking -Please note that parking in the city centre is hard to find and VERY expensive. Also Traffic Wardens lurk everywhere.
  • Speed Limits - Please note that the speed limit in the city centre is 20mph. The Police like to set up speed traps right outside our college.

Decision Letters

The decision letters will be sent simultaneously to all candidates regardless of subject. These letters will be put in the first class post on 9 January 2018.

Please note that admissions decisions will not be given over the telephone. If you live overseas and would like your decision notification to be sent by e-mail, please speak to Martin Brown (martin.brown@spc.ox.ac.uk) and make sure you confirm your e-mail address with us before you go home.