Graduate Freshers

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Graduate Freshers

Further Information

  • Welcome Letter from the Tutor for Graduates
  • Letter from College Office
  • Letter from MCR President
  • For students requiring a visa: a CAS Number will be issued by your departments as soon as you have satisfied all of your conditions (financial and academic). Once you have received your CAS number you will be able to apply for your visa. For more information about visas please click here.
  • MCR Freshers' Week Guide
  • Freshers' Week: official programme including College Registration, Medical Registration and Freshers' Dinner details (copies available at the Porters Lodge or MCR on arrival)

Forms for completion by Graduate Students

Please return the College Contract to the address below by 7 September 2017.

Martin Brown
Deputy Registrar and Admissions Administrator
St Peter's College
New Inn Hall Street