Schools Liaison Officer

Schools Liaison Officer

St Peter’s College welcomes applications from qualified young people of all conditions and walks of life. Institutions flourish where diversity is celebrated, and the inclusive and all-embracing learning environment at St Peter’s should be an option for consideration by all talented young people.

As Schools Liaison Officer, I am responsible for working with young people in the United Kingdom and those who influence and encourage them to ensure that this message is heard.

What I do

I am the designated first point of contact between Oxford University and around 300 state schools across Merseyside, North Wales, the Isle of Man, Enfield, and Waltham Forest.

I try to facilitate opportunities for talented young people to interact with current undergraduate students, academics at St Peter’s, or some of the unique resources this University has to offer. 

In recent months this has been executed by visiting state schools, attending local authority events, and liaising with members of local and national government.

Please get in touch to find out more about how I could work with young people in your local area.

T +44 (0)1865 614699

Regional Outreach

Each Oxford college is linked to a Local Authority to ensure that each school has a first point of contact within the University. This measure is designed to improve the way in which we communicate information, advice and guidance to teachers. 

The scheme does not have any bearing on the Oxford admissions process and does not influence whether a college offers a candidate a place. It is not intended to replace any existing contact a school may have with a particular college or department.