St Peter’s Foundation Schools Ambassador Project

St Peter’s College Foundation Schools Ambassador Project

This project will run from September 2017 to summer 2020, and is designed to provide career personal development for teachers in their subjects by pairing them with an Oxford academic.The intention is also to raise the profile of St Peter’s and the University as a whole in those schools. We want to encourage more suitably-qualified pupils to apply, not least from students with under-privileged backgrounds. This project builds on the original aim of the college to provide a low-cost Oxford education for promising students of limited means.

St Peter’s is offering academic mentoring from college academics to a small group of teachers each year, across a range of subjects such as English, History, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, and Law. We want to enhance the teachers’ subject expertise and knowledge of University admissions. Ambassador Teachers and their Headteachers (or Heads of Sixth Form) will also be invited to Oxford for two events per year, in order to get to know the college, its facilities, and key staff.

In return, we are asking Ambassador Schools to act as advocates for St Peter’s College and the University of Oxford, both within the school and in the local community, building a strong and sustainable relationship between the school and the college, using local press/networks and social media.

We have selected schools with socio-demographic profiles that suggest that they have pupils who are achieving (or who are able to achieve) qualifications that could admit them to Oxford, but they are not applying, or not applying successfully. The selected schools also serve populations that are educationally and economically disadvantaged. Oxford is committed to raising the number of (hopefully successful) applications from such schools.

If you would like further information, you can contact Daniel Pugh-Bevan, Schools Liaison Officer, via or +44 (0)1865 614699.

Updates will be posted on the Admissions Blog throughout 2018-19.