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Professor Balázs Szendrői

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Professor Balázs Szendrői

  • Martin Powell Fellow and Tutor in Pure Mathematics
  • Professor of Pure Mathematics

I joined St Peter's in 2005 as Martin Powell Fellow and Tutor in Pure Mathematics, having taught before at the Universities of Warwick, Utrecht and Washington in Seattle. Between 2015 and 2019, I served as Senior Tutor, tasked with the strategic oversight of the College's teaching activities.


At St Peter's, I have tutored all the algebra modules in the first two years of the Mathematics and Joint Schools courses. At the Mathematical Institute, I have taught the first year course Geometry, the second year courses Manifolds, Projective Geometry and Group theory, the third year courses Galois theory and Algebraic Curves, and the fourth year course Lie Algebras, spanning my interests in algebra and geometry.


My research interests lie in algebraic geometry, a subject that studies geometric spaces described by polynomial equations, a far-reaching generalisation of coordinate geometry in school level mathematics. The spaces I study often live in a large number of geometric dimensions, making the use of algebra very useful in their study. These geometric shapes are used by physicists in their work on string theory, a description of the physical universe which works in a high-dimensional geometric background.

My research has also touched upon other subjects within mathematics, such as combinatorics (the study of discrete structures), singularity theory (the study of singular geometric spaces) and representation theory (the mathematical study of symmetry). I enjoy the interaction between different fields, and believe in breaking down boundaries.


For the least few years I have been engaged in a number of research and teaching initiatives in East Africa, organising workshops and summer schools in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia. I have also been on the council of the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Cape Town, South Africa, since 2014.

I have an interest in modern art. For a while I was chair of the Art Committee at the Mathematical Institute in Oxford, where my main contribution has been to commission the sculpture Axiom by Mat Chivers, and the set of paintings Spectral Flip by Antoni Malinowski.

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