St Peter's People

Dr Susanne Hodgson (nee Sheehy)

Research Fellow and Lecturer in Clinical Medicine

I am a Research Fellow and Lecturer in Clinical Medicine responsible for organizing and delivering clinical teaching for medical students at St Peter’s College. I am also an NIHR Academic Lecturer in Infectious Diseases at the University of Oxford, where my work focuses on the use of the Controlled Human Malaria Infection Model (CHMI) to improve understanding of immune responses to malaria. Clinically, I work as a physician specialising in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology based at the Oxford University Hospitals.


At St Peter’s, I teach clinical skills to both undergraduate and graduate entry students and provide pastoral support. I have completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Oxford.


I joined the Jenner Institute, University of Oxford in 2009 as lead clinician on the blood-stage malaria vaccine program (www. I then developed an interested in controlled human malaria infection (CHMI) studies and led CHMI trials in Oxford using blood-stage parasites, mosquito bite and cryopreserved sporozoites. As part of my DPhil I led the first CHMI study in Kenya. My current research interest is the use of the CHMI model to understand natural immunity to malaria.

Selected Publications

Hodgson SH, and others, 'Comparison of Changes in Serological Immunology Measures in UK and Kenyan Adults Post-Controlled Human Malaria Infection', Front Microbiol. 2016 Oct 13;7:1604.

Hodgson SH, Angus BJ, 'Malaria: fluid therapy in severe disease', BMJ Clin Evid. 2016 Jan 22;2016

Hodgson SH, and others, 'Lessons Learnt from the First Controlled Human Malaria Infection Study Conducted in Nairobi, Kenya', Malar J. 2015 Apr 28;14(1):182.

Hodgson SH, and others, 'Evaluating Controlled Human Malaria Infection in Kenyan adults with varying degrees of prior exposure to Plasmodium falciparum using sporozoites administered by needle and syringe', Front Microbiol. 2014 Dec 12;5:686