Peter's People

Dr Luke Harrington

Stipendiary Lecturer in Geography

Dr Luke Harrington is a climate scientist who focuses on changes to extreme weather events in response to a warming climate. His research examines the drivers of extreme weather events, particularly heatwaves and droughts, and whether and to what extent recent weather extremes have changed in frequency as a result of human influences on the climate. 

He is particularly interested in how patterns of emergent climate change impact different parts of the world differently, and the implications of these uneven patterns of change for questions of historical responsibility and future adaptation planning.

Dr Harrington completed a BSc (Hons, 1st) and PhD at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, where he developed new approaches to quantify the emergence of anthropogenic climate change. This included an event-specific attribution study on the 2013 New Zealand drought, as well as highlighting differences in the emergence of heat extremes between low- and high-income nations.