Flowers in Linton Quad

Dr Fabian Haiden

Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics

I have been at Oxford since 2019 as a Research Fellow at the Mathematical Institute, having previously held postdoctoral positions at Harvard, the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques near Paris, the University of Vienna, and the University of Miami. 

My research lies at the intersection of algebra, geometry, and ideas from string theory. Developments both in mathematics and in theoretical physics have shown that we need to be very open minded about what a "space" is, the stage where geometry takes place. Adjectives like "non-commutative", "homotopical", and "derived" refer to structures much unlike the familiar Euclidean world, but which one can still attempt to understand by one's geometric intuition or through algebraic manipulations. Greater generality is not pursued for its own sake, but because it allows for surprising connections between previously unrelated areas of math.

I have previously taught courses on a variety of subjects and for students from the beginner to the advanced graduate level. I particularly enjoy one-on-one interactions or teaching in small groups, where the magic of math can be shared best.