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Two SPC Fellows recognised with OU Distinction Award

St Peter's is delighted to announce that Prof Marina MacKay, Fellow and Tutor in English, and Prof Angela Taylor, Research Fellow and Stipendiary Lecturer in Physics, have been conferred the titles of "Professor of English Literature" and "Professor of Experimental Astrophysics", respectively.

Their awards follow on from the 2017 award made to Prof Sondra Hausner, who was conferred the title of Professor of Anthropology of Religion, and the 2018 awards made to Profs Daron Burrows, Nick Lakin and Ricardo Soares de Oliveira.

OU Distinction Awards recognise distinguished contributions in both research and teaching, as well as service to the wider University.

Prof MacKay is a leading specialist of mid-twentieth-century fiction and the history of literary criticism. Her books include Modernism, War, and Violence (Bloomsbury, 2017), which considers relationships between conflict and experimental writing from the 1890s to the Cold War, and Ian Watt: The Novel and the Wartime Critic (Oxford University Press, 2019), an intellectual history of the mid-century focused on the life of a former prisoner-of-war who became one of the most influential of post-war British literary critics.

Prof Taylor works in the area of experimental cosmology, designing, building and using novel radio/mm telescopes. Her research interests include the development of new mm/radio-instrumentation, polarized foregrounds, and CMB instrumentation and observations.

Marina MacKay and Angela Taylor