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A taste of St Peter’s and Oxford life for year 12 students

St Peter's College recently teamed up with the Department of Engineering Science to welcome thirty Year 12 state school students for a two-day outreach event.

The event allowed prospective students to get a feel for life in Oxford, and to spend time meeting academics and current undergraduates. They also attended taster lectures and took part in an Oxford tutorial.

The academic content of the residential was led by Professor Tom Adcock, Tutorial Fellow in Engineering Science at St Peter's, with the support of Professor Charles Monroe (also St Peter's) and Dr Jonathan Gammell (Oxford Robotics Institute).

As one student, visiting from Hertfordshire, put it: “The highlight of the experience was the tutorial, which helped resolve my confusions and gave rise to a conversational and rather open style of learning, where everyone in the room was fully immersed in solving the problem at hand”.

To read more about the outreach event click here. To learn more about the open and study days offered by St Peter's College click here.

Engineering Study Day