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St Peter’s students organise Maths Camp in Cameroon

Over the summer, three members of St Peter's organised and then participated in a Maths Camp in Cameroon.

Supported by the African Maths Initiative (AMI), Christy Pafue Nganjimi (MEng Engineering Science, 2017), Matteo Parisi (Stipendiary Lecturer in Applied Mathematics) and Oliver Dann (MMath Mathematics and Philosophy, 2014) worked with local and international volunteers to host 59 secondary school students over a week of maths and fun.

The Camp, which was the initiative of Christy Pafue Nganjimi, a Cameroonian-British Engineering Science student at St Peter’s, aimed to expose young minds to new and exciting ideas in mathematics, relevant to the world we live in, in a way that is not just about calculations and passing exams.

Speaking of his time in Cameroon, Matteo Parisi said, "On the first day, the students arrived very disciplined. They automatically sat in their desks and expected the teacher to teach them maths on the blackboard. They were puzzled when they were divided into two groups away from desks and even more surprised when they were asked to walk around the classroom counting paths. Initially, the student were shy and reluctant to go up to the blackboard to write solutions for their problem but they gradually started going. They tried different solutions and found new ones. It was nice to see them come out of their shell throughout the week.”

A full report about the Camp, which follows on from a similar initiative held in Kenya in the summer of 2018, can be read here.

The trip was partially funded by a generous grant from the St Peter’s College Foundation and by grants from the college travel funds.

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