Prof Monroe part of £42 million project

Prof Monroe part of £42 million project

Friday, January 26, 2018

Prof Charles Monroe, Alexander Mosley Charitable Trust Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science at St Peter’s, is to be part of a UK-wide team of experts working on research funded by the independent national battery research facility, the Faraday Institution.

The investment comes at a key time in electric vehicle (EV) development and aims to revolutionise UK battery research and address challenges faced by the industry, by optimising battery life (and therefore the range of electric vehicles), reducing battery costs and enhancing safety. With estimates of 140 million EVs on the world’s roads by 2030, improved battery performance and more efficient manufacturing will be vital.

Prof Monroe, whose research examines how the performance, degradation and applicability of energy-storage devices correlate with the fundamental properties of the materials comprising them, will be part of a team looking at solid state batteries and at various issues relating to energy density, safety and cost.

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