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Prof Mike Bonsall leads UK survey study of Covid-19 infection rate

Professor Mike Bonsall, Fellow and Tutor in Biological Sciences at St Peter’s and Professor of Mathematical Biology in the Department of Zoology, is working alongside colleagues Dr Cassidy Nelson and Dr Simeon Innocent to conduct a UK cross-sectional survey study to determine the level of community-based Covid-19 infection rates.  

Mike’s research group has received funding from Ben Delo and Effective Giving to explore the use of nanopore technology (which sequences the whole genome of pathogens) as a diagnostic tool, comparing with serology and PCR tests for COVID-19. Unlike these more conventional methods, nanopore sequencing does not require prior knowledge of the pathogen, making it unique in its ability to potentially assist in diagnosis of new emergent infectious diseases. 

The study is designed both to inform the public health response to Covid-19 now, and to build capacity to respond better to pandemics in the future. Results will be shared with Public Health England and the NHS.
Volunteers are sought to assist with the study

Further news coverage of the study can be found on the Department of Zoology website.

Michael Bonsall