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Prof Bob Hilton appointed as new Tutorial Fellow in Earth Sciences

The college is delighted to announce that Prof Bob Hilton has been appointed as the new Fellow and Tutor in Earth Sciences at St Peter's. Bob, who will also be Professor of Sedimentary Geology in the Department of Earth Sciences, will begin his work at college in September.

Currently a Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Durham, Bob Hilton's research focuses on how erosion and weathering processes at Earth’s surface act to transfer carbon dioxide between the atmosphere and long-term, geological storage in sedimentary deposits. He is particularly interested in trying to better constrain the feedbacks between these carbon transfers and the climate system, and thus how Earth surface processes may damp (or amplify) climate change through the carbon cycle.

Prof Hilton is the Principal Investigator on the ROC-CO2 project, a 5-year research effort funded by the European Research Council (ERC) that studies the rate of carbon-dioxide emission from organic carbon contained in rocks, a major natural CO2 source that has yet to be properly quantified. In 2022, he will start the RIV-ESCAPE project, an ERC funded project that aims to better understand greenhouse gas release from river surfaces in the Arctic.

Prof Hilton completed his PhD at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge. In 2008, he moved to Paris, where he worked as a Post-doctoral Research Associate at L'Institut de Physique du Globe (IPG) in the Laboratoire de Géochimie et Cosmochimie. He has been at Durham University since October 2009, where he was promoted to Reader (2015) and Professor (2018), with guest professorships at IPG in Paris (2012) and ETH Zurich (2021). His research has been recognised with a Philip Leverhulme Prize (Geography, 2019), at the Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the United Kingdom (Finalist in Chemistry, 2018), and with an Outstanding Young Scientist of the European Geosciences Union award (2014). 

Bob currently serves as Associate Editor at Earth Surface Dynamics (from 2013) and PLOS ONE (from 2017), and is a member of the NERC Peer Review College.

Alongside his academic work, he enjoys exploring the outdoors with his family and, when he can find time, playing guitar and drums.

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