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Prof Abigail Williams on reading levels and intelligence

Prof Abigail Williams, Lord White Fellow and Tutor in English at St Peter's, recently joined writers Nick Hornby and Fran Lebowitz on the CBC Radio IDEAS podcast to discuss the assumptions we make regarding reading levels and intelligence.

Led by contributor Barbara Nichol, the podcast explores a range of topics related to reading habits, questioning not only the idea as to whether reading is genuinely a sign of intelligence, but whether we are improved by reading or whether there really are books we must read and others beneath our attention.

Other guests on the podcast include John Carey, literary critic and Emeritus Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford, the authors Sarah Bakewell and Caleb Crain, and Michael Dirda, the Pulitzer Prize-winning book columnist for The Washington Post.

The full podcast episode can be listened to here.

Abigail Williams