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Prof Abigail Williams collaborates to create WillPlay educational game

A new interactive educational game has been launched following collaboration between Prof Abigail Williams, Lord White Fellow and Tutor in English, and a local games company.

WillPlay uses charisma.ai, a toolkit for generating interactive stories with believable virtual characters, to create an immersive digital learning tool designed to help engage KS3-KS4 school students with Shakespeare’s plays in a fun and educational way. 

WillPlay takes the form of a social media chat-app allowing for an interactive experience where students can interact and engage creatively with Shakespeare’s stories, language and characters via a familiar and accessible medium. It shows the ways in which chat-based learning can enable new forms of student engagement and dialogue.

You can find more about the game here, while a taster version feature "Romeo and Juliet" is currently available for download via the BBC's Taster website.

A logo showing the word "WillPlay"