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Prof Abigail Williams on BBCFour documentary "Plague Fiction"

Last night, Professor Abigail Williams, Lord White Fellow and Tutor in English at St Peter's, featured in the BBCFour documentary, Plague Fiction.

Speaking to host Professor Laura Ashe, Abigail looks at the ways in which Samuel Pepys's record of the Great Plague of London in the 1660s and Daniel Defoe's, A Journal of the Plague Year, tackle the issues surrounding the spread of the Black Death in 17th-century Britain, and at how such accounts helped shape the ways in which later generations of writers portrayed the fear and tragedy associated with deadly pandemics. 

Abigail Williams is a leading specialist of 18th-literature, with her research focusing on such topics as the relationship between politics and literature, textual criticism, 18th-century poetic miscellanies and popular reception history, and domestic reading and the history of the home. She is currently working on a book called Reading it Wrong, a study of the many ways in which texts are misread in the 18th century.

Plague Fiction can be watched in full on the BBC i-Player (Abby from 37:07 on the clock).

Professor Abigail Williams