Olivia Mappin-Kasirer (2017) unearths old French law in Montreal

In the latest issue of The Oxford Polyglot, St Peter's student, Olivia Mappin-Kasirer (2017, French), writes of her research in The Wainwright Rare Book Collection at McGill University, where she has been spending part of her year abroad looking at the impact of old French law upon Quebec law.

Named in honour of Arnold Wainwright (1879-1967), a teacher of Civil Law at McGill between 1909 and 1934, the collection that now bears his name consists of approximately 800 works, comprising 1,200 volumes on the history of French law. Its highlight lies in the extensive materials on the law of the French Ancien Régime, which played an essential role in the early development of Quebec private law.

Olivia was drawn to the collection in terms of the light it helps shed on the treatment of women in old French law, and, consequently, their treatment in Quebec law, which continued to be shaped by its old French precursor until the 1990s.

To read more about her research, and about her time in Quebec, see the full Polyglot article here.

Olivia Mappin-Kasiere