Lucy Lupton (2019, History) elected JCR President

Lucy Lupton, a first-year History student, has been elected by the undergraduate students of St Peter's as the next JCR (Junior Common Room) President. She will take over from the current President, Henry Proudfoot, in October.

Why did you choose to stand for election?

St Peter’s is known for its friendly and welcoming reputation, and my experience of college life so far has only confirmed this as true! From Freshers’ Week onwards, the JCR Committee has played a crucial role in shaping my time here, and I decided to run as President in the hope that I could provide future years with a similar experience. I am excited to build upon the foundations laid by Henry and the current committee, to make meaningful changes and contribute to the growth and development of the college. 

What are you hoping to achieve? 

As well as strengthening the links between the MCR and JCR, I hope to build upon the college’s fantastic Outreach programme. Now more than ever, we are reliant upon the Internet, and I plan to expand the college’s social media presence in order to show prospective students some of the many strengths Peter’s has to offer. By working closely with the other JCR committee members, I will continue to work towards better student welfare and improved environmental sustainability.

What are the current strengths of the college?

St Peter’s has many strengths, but perhaps the college’s greatest attribute - aside from the bar - is its sense of community and welcoming atmosphere. As a physically small college, you are always bumping into people; not to mention the porters who (in my unbiased opinion) are the friendliest in Oxford.

Tell us a little more about yourself, and your interests

I am originally from Lancashire and have the accent to prove it! At school, I developed an interest in History, which I am lucky enough to study here at Oxford. Sports are something I have always enjoyed, and I have participated in both hockey and touch rugby (to varying degrees of success) since arriving at university. Next year, I hope to try my hand at student journalism and continue my search for a sport with rules I actually understand. 

Congratulations to the following students, who were also elected to Committee :

  • Vice-President: Dillon Somia
  • Treasurer: Ryan Parry
  • Secretary: Stanley Godfrey
  • Vice-President for welfare: Emma Rath
  • Male welfare rep: Reuben Harris 
  • Female welfare rep: Natalya Robinson
  • Entz rep: Maddy McInerney
  • BAME rep: Michael Smith 
  • LGBTQ+ rep: Jade Calder
  • Access and Outreach rep: Darcy Dixon
  • Arts rep: Scarlet Deans 
  • Charities rep: Hattie Dent. 
  • Gender Equalities rep: Annabelle Grigg
  • Internationals rep: Ana Pantazopoulou 
  • Sports rep: Freddie Wright
  • Academic affairs rep: Joe Lewis. 
  • Bar Manager: Chris Gilmour 
  • Bar Treasurer: Dominic Cox
Lucy Lupton