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Hubert Perrodo Building Officially Opened

Yesterday saw the official opening of the Hubert Perrodo Building, thus marking the completion of Phase 2 of the Perrodo Project.

The opening itself was performed by the Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Lord Patten of Barnes, along with St Peter’s Master, Mark Damazer CBE, and members of the Perrodo family, whose generous donation to the college, one of the largest in its history, has made the work possible. 

Beginning in August 2014, the Perrodo Project has resulted in a transformation of the college’s public and teaching spaces. 

It has seen a complete remodelling of Linton Quad and the ground floor of the Latner Building; the refurbishment of the Lodge and the redesign of the college’s front entrance to make it accessible by all; the remodelling of Chavasse and Hannington Quads; the remodelling and refurbishment of the ground floor rooms of the Chavasse Building; and the erection of a brand-new building at the south end of Chavasse Quad.

This brand-new building, now officially known as the Hubert Perrodo Building, has a public space on the ground floor, six en-suite rooms, and a meeting room on the top floor with a veranda that offers superb views over the college. It is the first multi-level building to be built on the college’s main site in thirty years.

The building is named in honour of the late Hubert Perrodo (1944-2006), whose sons, François and Bertrand, were both students at St Peter’s.

The final part of the Perrodo Project will begin in August 2018, and will result in improvements to the lighting and acoustics of the college dining hall.

Hubert Perrodo Building Officially Opened