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Dr Sylvia McLain wins major research grant

Dr Sylvia McLain and her research group have just been awarded a major £250,000 research grant from The Leverhulme Trust to investigate the role of water and urea in protein folding (and unfolding) on the atomic scale. How proteins fold from a given amino acid sequence, encoded from DNA, is not understood, especially with respect to the role water plays in this process. Based on recent work within the McLain group, it was found that water may have a more direct role in determining a protein's structure and as a consequence its life-giving function, than has been previously thought. More information on the group's research can be found here, as well as in the latest issue of Cross Keys.

Understanding the physical basis of the protein folding process in solution will help yield valuable insights into the potential causes of protein misfolding, which has been linked to a myriad of diseases such as Alzheimer's, Huntington's and Sickle cell anaemia.

There is both a DPhil studentship position and post-doctoral research associate (PDRA) position available from this funding.  For information or to apply for one these positions please click on the following links: DPhil student and PDRA position.

Informal enquires about either of these positions should be directed to

Dr Sylvia McLain wins major research grant