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Dr Soares de Oliveira book shortlisted

Dr Ricardo Soares de Oliveira's recent book, Magnificent and Beggar Land: Angola Since the Civil War, has been shortlisted for the African Studies Association of the UK Fage and Oliver Prize.

The prize is given in honour of two of the founders of African Studies in the UK, John Donnelly Fage (1921-2002) and Roland Oliver (1923-2014), who were pioneers of British African Studies.

Dr Soares de Oliveira's book, which was recently reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement, presents a comprehensive and illuminating picture of Angola’s dramatic transition from a conflict-ridden state to major international presence, fuelled by oil wealth, but steered along an unusual and independent path by the victorious MPLA led by José Eduardo dos Santos.

To learn more about the prize and the other works shortlisted click here.

Dr Soares de Oliveira book shortlisted