Dr Claire Williams helps translate Portuguese "lockdown novel"

Dr Claire Williams, Fellow and Tutor in Portuguese and Associate Professor of Brazilian Literature and Culture at St Peter's, has helped translate part of a new, collaborative lockdown novel, which is being written chapter-by-chapter by some of Portugal's leading authors.   

Known as Bode Inspiratório – a spin on the Portuguese term for a scapegoat – the project was dreamed up by the award-winning author Ana Margarida de Carvalho, who challenged her fellow writers to join her in writing a collective, serial novel with her as Portugal went into lockdown. More than 40 responded, their story opening with a group of scientists trying to find a cure for a virus that has caused a global pandemic.

The resulting work, which is being published in daily instalments on Facebook, is now spreading internationally, with translations into Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch and now English. Dr Williams's translated chapter, originally written by Raquel Ribeiro, a creative writer and Lecturer in Portuguese at the University of Edinburgh, is due to be published online later this week.

To learn more about the project, and to read the chapters translated to date, visit the Bode Inspiratório website, or check out media coverage in the Guardian and on the BBC World Service (37:11 on the clock).

Dr Claire Williams