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Dr Andrew Gant reviewed in NYRB

O Sing unto the Lord: A History of English Church Music by Dr Andrew Gant, Stipendiary Lecturer in Music at St Peter’s, is among those works reviewed in the 22 February issue of the prestigious New York Review of Books.

Published in the UK in 2015, O Sing unto the Lord is now available in a United States edition via the University of Chicago Press. The work gives a compelling account of the history of English church music from its Anglo-Saxon origins to the present day, and serves as the biography of a tradition, a book about people, and a celebration of one of the most important sides to our cultural heritage.

Besides church music, Dr Gant’s research interests include the place of music in contemporary society and the sources and reception of Handel’s Messiah, on which he is writing a book for the Bodleian Press, Oxford.

To read the NYRB review in full click here.

Andrew Gant