Purple flowers in front of the chapel doors

2020 Anjool Maldé Scholarship winners honoured

Last night, six St Peter's students were recognised with an Anjool Malde Scholarship at a special ceremony held in Canal House.

The scholarship awards are given to undergraduates entering their second or third year, who have shown both academic excellence and an outstanding role in citizenship since arriving at St Peter’s. They are named in memory of Anjool Maldé (Geography 2005).

Alongside their academic achievements, this year's winners were recognised for their role in the college's welfare provision, the running of a student pro bono legal initiative, their editorship of The Oxford Review of Books, and various sporting achievements, among other things. This year's winners were:

Louis Beer (2017, History)
Rose Edwards (2017, Jurisprudence)
Quentin Gueroult (2017, Chemistry)
Ella Johnson (2018, English Language and Literature)
Joshua Jones (2018, Mathematics)
Julia Mervis (2017, Geography)

They received their awards from the Master, Professor Judith Buchanan, in the presence of the Tutor for Admissions and other college Fellows and staff.

Anjool Malde Awards 2019