Past Events


17 November

Conscription and its Malcontents

15 November

Journalist and BBC presenter

11 November

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11 November

Tutor and Fellow

9 November

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30 November

Third Chavasse WWI memorial lecture

27 November

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24 November

A play by Rebekah King

12 November

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9 November

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4 November

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29 November

Carol Service in Chapel

26 November

SPC Oxmas Drinks in London

7 November

Featuring Mark Damazer CBE and Dr Marina Mackay

4 November

St Peter's-based Poor Player Productions

30 November

All welcome - please be seated by 4.45pm

27 November

Informal event open to alumni

26 November

Andrew Marr, Honorary Fellow of St Peter’s, will talk about the State of the Union following the Scottish Referendum.

15 November

St Peter’s College Chapel Choir and Orchestra

15 November

Guest Speaker: Professor Ajit Lalvani MA, DM, FRCP, FMedSci

3 November

Neil MacGregor, Director of British Museum, talks about his BBC Radio 4 Series and British Museum exhibition: Germany: Memories of a Nation.


24 October

Comedian, actor and writer

23 October

Victoria Cross celebration

12 October

Second Chavasse WWI memorial lecture

21 October

Alumnus and Governor of the Bank of England

25 October

St Peter’s College Chamber Orchestra


17 September

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16 September

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15 September

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15 September

With Prof Abigail Williams

14 September

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18 September

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17 September

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20 September

A lunch in Hall for members of the Howard Society

19 September

Year group reunion for the classes of 1985 - 1989

18 September

We are participating in the University Open Day

17 September

Meeting Minds: Alumni Weekend in Oxford

21 September

An event for those leaving a legacy to St Peter's College

20 September

Events for St Peter's College alumni in Oxford

20 September

Gaudy dinner for the years 1970-74

19 September

Prospective students welcome

13 September

An informal night in the bar


28 June

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18 June

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17 June

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14 June

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1 June

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29 June

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26 June

Profs Mayr-Harting and Goldman Celebrations

19 June

Service of commemoration

18 June

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15 June

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7 June

A sporting rivalry like no other

2 June

First portraits of women in Hall

1 June

Debate and discussion

21 June

Commemoration Service for the Founder and Benefactors

20 June

Lunch in College for the parents and guardians of our current students

18 June

One Day College Music Festival

4 June

Celebratory tea followed by Evensong

3 June

Free concert in Chapel

26 June

Armed Forces Day Service and Choral Evensong

17 June

Skills and Preparation for Female Students

16 June

Student performance


27 May

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26 May

A sporting rivalry like no other

24 May

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22 May

Drama, drawing and much, much more!

17 May

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30 May

Find out more about Oxford and SPC

7 May

Health and Social Reform in 19th century Britain

4 May

Inaugural Chavasse WWI memorial lecture

29 May

JCR vs SCR annual cricket match

11 May

Event in New York City for alumni, family and friends

9 May

Event in Washington DC for alumni, family and friends of St Peter's College 

8 May

It should be an amazing concert

2 May

The theme this year is Grimm Fairytales

14 May

Russia and the acclaimed film 'Philomena'


21 April

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3 April

LA, San Francisco and New York

30 April

Find out about choral and organ awards

15 April

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11 April

Explore English at SPC and Oxford

8 April

Special guest: Jon Sopel, BBC North America Editor

5 April

Explore Engineering at SPC and Oxford

24 April

Join fellow University of Oxford alumni in Vienna at the fourth Meeting Minds: Alumni Weekend in Europe.   

17 April

Please contact the Development Office if you would like to play on the St Peter's College alumni team. 


24 March

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23 March

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18 March

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17 March

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7 March

Screening of I, Daniel Blake

19 March

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6 March

Emeritus Fellow and former College Chaplain

3 March

St Peter’s Opera Company production

27 March

Gaudy dinner for the years 2000-2004

19 March

Dinner for alumni, family and friends

18 March

Held in the Chapel

8 March

Performed in the Chapel, Admission Free

5 March

Dinner for alumni, family and friends


18 February

Mahler Symphony No. 6 in A Minor

16 February

Director of German Aerospace Center

9 February

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4 February

Fauré Requiem and Haydn Missa Sancti Nicolai

2 February

Medicine during World War I

27 February

St Peter's College Choir and Jeremy Summerly

27 February

A dinner for Engineering alumni

26 February

A scientist in Whitehall: Science meets policy and values

22 February

Trends in the popular music industry

20 February

Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky

19 February

Google: From Search to Driverless Cars

16 February

Dinner for alumni, family and friends

8 February

Lunch for alumni, family and friends

7 February

SPC Music Society

4 February

Talk by the multi-award winning broadcaster and presenter of the Radio 4 Listening Project.


30 January

Events around St Peter's

29 January

After the deluge: British Politics after the General Election

19 January

The roots of Islamic radicalisation in Britain

31 January

Debussy, Mahler and Vaughan Williams

29 January

Cultural Project Microfunding

24 January

Directed by George Parris

16 January

Cambodian environmentalist documentary


8 December

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1 December

SPC Oxmas Drinks in London

10 December

Both Men's and Women's Varsity Matches

11 December

Twickenham Stadium, 2.30pm kick-off

3 December

Featuring the upper voices of the Choir


9 August

In honour of only double VC winner of WWI

18 August

St Peter's First Round Match


1 July

We are participating in University Open Days