Hilary Term 2022

This page provides information about how College life in Hilary term 2022 will be affected by arrangements to keep students and staff safe in the context of COVID-19. 

Page last updated 24 January 2022

If you think you might have COVID-19, please read the guidance here. You can see a summary of the College COVID-related protocols for HT22 here


All students and staff are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID-19 if they have not already done so, and to get a booster jab as soon as they are eligible to do so.  The more students and staff are fully vaccinated, the safer our whole community will be and the less disruption there will be to College and University activities. Further information about getting vaccinated can be found on the NHS website. Anybody registered with a GP in England can access a booster dose, even if they were previously vaccinated abroad.

LFD testing

All students and staff are strongly encouraged to take part in symptom-free testing twice a week. This is an important way of helping to keep everyone COVID-safe, and ensuring that we don’t have to reintroduce further restrictions on college life this term.

Students and staff are able to pick up boxes of seven Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests (free) from the Lodge, as part of the University’s ‘LFD Collect’ scheme.

By picking up a set of seven tests from the LFD Collect service, you are agreeing to use all of the tests yourself and also to report all your results (negative, positive or void) to both the Early Alert Service (EAS) and the NHS – every time you take an LFD test, as soon as possible after you get the result. You will also receive a personalised ‘quick reporting link’ from the EAS via email and SMS, which enables you to report your result to the University without logging in with your SSO.

We appreciate that reporting twice will take more time – but the University does not receive results from the NHS, and the information is needed to contain outbreaks. The EAS results reporting form is very simple and quick to complete.

We ask that you please report all your self-testing LFD results (regardless of whether you obtained the LFD tests via LFD Collect or not) to both the EAS and the NHS.

College Face coverings policy

Face coverings must be worn by students (unless exempt):

a. During College tutorials and classes.

b. In the Porters’ Lodge.

c. In the College Library and in the Chapel.

d. On entry to Hannington Hall and whilst queuing for the servery and finding a seat. Face coverings should also be worn while exiting the Hall.

Disposable face coverings are available from the Porters’ Lodge. 

Staff (unless exempt) are asked to carry a face covering at all times so that they can wear it not only whenever they themselves choose to do so but also at any time if requested by others (either staff or students) with whom they are sharing enclosed spaces. Staff are expected to wear a face covering in the Lodge, the Library, the Chapel and on the way into and out of the Hall. 

In line with University guidance, tutors can decide whether to wear a face covering or not while teaching.

Teaching and Learning

You can find information about the University’s overall approach to teaching and learning in the context of COVID-19 here

The College’s default position continues to be that teaching will take place in-person but individual tutors will make their own choices, based on prevailing circumstances at the time of the teaching activity, about the mode of teaching that they employ. Tutors will be clear with students at the start of term about their plans for teaching in-person or online while acknowledging that these plans may need to change, and rapidly, as term progresses.

Students (unless exempt) are required to wear face coverings during tutorials or College classes.

Week 0 Collections for undergraduate students are not taking place in person. Students are expected to take Collections at the times already scheduled. Students who have been set in-person/closed-book papers must do these papers in their own space, without reference to resources, under timed conditions, and must handwrite their responses. Doing Collections in this way provides an important practice opportunity for students ahead of University examinations.

College Library 

The College Library is open to all students to access the collections and to use as a location for quiet study. 

Other important notes:
•    You are required (unless exempt) to wear a face covering while in the Library.
•    The chairs should not be moved, and you are asked to wipe down hard surfaces when you arrive and when you leave.
•    Your belongings should not be left in the Library.
•    If someone needs to access the books on shelves near where you are sitting, you’ll need to vacate your seat briefly and make space for them to get the books they need.

More information about the Library is available on the main Library webpage.

In addition to the seats in the Library which are available 24/7, quiet study space will also be available in the Latner and Warriner Rooms every evening from the start of week 0 of Michaelmas term.

Eating arrangements: Dining Hall

College dining is available throughout the term but numbers are limited in the Hall.

Breakfast 8am – 9am Monday to Friday (continental breakfast every day except full English breakfast on Wednesdays)
Lunch 12noon – 2pm Monday to Friday
Weekend Brunch 11am – 1pm Saturday and Sunday

Informal Hall 5.30pm – 7.30pm Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Informal Hall 5.30pm – 6.30pm Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday

Informal Hall 6pm – 7.30pm Sunday

Take-away is available at all mealtimes. 

Key points to note: 

  • Hand sanitiser stations remain in place and should be used prior to entering the Hall. 
  • You must wear a face covering on the stairs and on the way through the servery. Only remove your face covering when you are seated in the Hall with your food. 
  • You must follow the one-way system and comply with direction from the Hall staff about where to sit.
  • For those who have not pre-paid, payment is cashless at the till using Upay.

Formal Halls will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Full term. All attendees (including guests) are asked to take an LFD test before attending.

The JCR, MCR and the Bar

The JCR and MCR will both continue be open 24 hours a day.

The College Bar will be open in accordance with the Student Regulations. However for the first three weeks of Hilary term, no guests are allowed access to the Bar. This will be kept under weekly review. 

Visitors to the College

Visitors and guests are allowed into College. The Dean, the Domestic Bursar and the Dean for Welfare will keep this under review, particularly in relation to College events. Students should ensure they are familiar with the requirements about guests set out in the Student Regulations.

Contact details

It is important to keep your personal details up-to-date on Student Self-Service. Please check that your term-time address, mobile phone number and emergency contact details are correct in Student Self-Service.

Health, Well-being and Welfare

The College’s Health, Well-being and Welfare team is available to support students.

The University’s Student Welfare and Support Services (SWSS) provides a range of specialist welfare services to all students at the University. This includes counselling (one-to-one and group sessions)support for disabled students, support for students who have experienced sexual violence, and mediation. Provision is currently available to all students online (by video, chat or email) and by telephone.

Living arrangements

The College is not currently allocating students into household groups however this system will be introduced if required.

Cleaning arrangements

Scouts clean student bedrooms once a week.  

Students are asked to place their bin outside their door when they want their rubbish removed. Scouts will continue to clean shared facilities. 

Students are expected to use the cleaning materials which have been left in the corridors and shared facilities specifically for their use whenever necessary. 

Eating arrangements: Kitchens

The JCR Kitchen and MCR Kitchens will be available for use 24 hours a day. They will be cleaned daily by the Scouts. Each user must also hand sanitise before entry and thoroughly wipe down all areas used with the cleaning materials provided. 

In all kitchens, including the JCR and MCR Kitchens, the Scouts do not wash up crockery or cooking implements; this remains your responsibility. You must wash up items used to prepare each meal immediately after use and not leave dirty items in the kitchen. Scouts may remove dirty items from kitchens if left unattended. 

Support for those who need to self-isolate

Those quarantining after arriving from abroad will be provided with detailed instructions by email.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, you should follow the guidance about self-isolating and booking a test via the Early Alert Service (EAS)

Contact the Lodge immediately to report that you are self-isolating and email covid@spc.ox.ac.uk.

Please ensure you have 48 hours' worth of food supplies in your room in case you need to self-isolate.