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Physics and Philosophy

What are space and time? What are scientific laws? What if there wasn’t a Big Bang? And how would we know? Why think that there are any universes aside from our own? And what on earth is quantum theory telling us?

Do you find it hard to do Physics without asking difficult questions? Instead of annoying your physics teachers, why not study Philosophy and Physics instead?

Combining Philosophy with Physics gives you ample opportunity to think about the nature of the Universe and your place in it, in a rigorous and demanding degree which will extend your knowledge and develop your reasoning skills. The Oxford University Philosophy Faculty has some of the leading researchers in the philosophy of physics in the world, and they’re great lecturers too, so even as an undergraduate you’ll be taught by people working at the highest level.

The course at St Peter's

We aim to admit one or two students for Philosophy and Physics to St Peter’s every year.

Philosophy and Physics is available as a three-year BA degree or with an optional fourth year (specialising, if you wish, in one side of the course or the other) for the MPhysPhil degree.

Further information about admissions at St Peter's is available via the individual course pages for Philosophy and Physics.