Chapel Information

The South Chancel Window

Chapel Information

Chapel services are for the whole college community and not just for Christians. Some who come to Chapel have a clear Christian faith and commitment and others do not. Some people come to Chapel because they are interested to see what a Christian service is like and enjoy being able to come and go and take time to reflect without any pressure. Many people enjoy the beauty of the music and the liturgy and like the space to think about issues to do with faith and human experience raised in the sermons. Everyone is welcome to attend and you are free to sit quietly – there is no obligation to join in with any hymns or prayers. College Chapels have a long history of being places where people have space to explore their beliefs in an unpressurised environment.

Chapel services are open to the public and college members are welcome to bring along family and friends. The Thursday evening service is just before guest night Formal Hall and once a term there is Formal Hall after Sunday service which we try to time to coincide with school half term so parents and siblings can come.

If you are a regular worshipper at another church it would be great if you also came to Chapel when you can. It is good to worship with other Christians who may come from different Christian groups and faith backgrounds and it helps build a chapel community within the college. Anyone interested in reading at the services or helping with stewarding or in any other way is more than welcome! Some students go to their own church on Sunday mornings and then come to chapel on Sunday evening and others go to services in local churches after Chapel on Sunday evenings (such as the 8pm at St Aldates). The Chaplain encourages as many Christian students as possible to come together for the Thursday termly eucharist at 6.15pm.


Please let the chaplain know in confidence of anything you would like prayer for. There is a special week of prayer across the Church of England in the week 25th May to 4th June 2017 entitled ‘Thy kingdom come’. See for more details.

New Testament and Psalms

The Gideons are happy to make available Gideon New Testaments and Psalms to any student who might find it helpful to have a copy. There are some at the back of Chapel which you are welcome to take.

All services are open to members and staff of the college and to their guests and other visitors to the college. Full details of all services for each term, including special services such as those for Advent, may be found on the Chapel Term Card, copies of which are also available in Chapel at the start of each term.