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Freshers, builders and the Bank of England

Mark Damazer

The student year is underway, and the Fresher’s rituals are largely over. The marquee in the Chavasse Quad has been lifted, the new turf there is being laid, Hall is much noisier, the library is fuller, and the JCR and MCR make booming noises. It is a bit different this year – the builders occupy large sections of the College and Linton Quad, in particular, is less than perfect. There are bulldozers, diggers and rubble, men in very fluorescent jackets and outbreaks of hammering noise, but there is also progress. The Latner Building has been cleaned and has gone from a mucky grey to – depending who you speak to – light brown, pale chestnut or honey. It is decidedly more attractive than it was.

Linton Quad Phase 1 Perrodo Project (Oct 2015)

Some concrete too has been poured to create the new walkways, and a lot of the rotting herringbone paving has been hauled off. We have not yet sold any of it to alumni to raise funds – I don’t think it has quite the status of bits of the Berlin Wall. If you would like more detail of how work is going please visit the College Facebook page, where timelapse videos of the work in progress are regularly posted.

We are preparing for next week’s talk by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England. His diary is a fierce thing to deal with, so it is a great delight that he is coming and I doubt he will do much else in Oxford during his term of office. We will probably be able to place video of the occasion (in the Sheldonian) on the website after the event. 

Finally, this year’s University Challenge team makes a re-appearance on Monday (October 19th). The team lost its first round match against Liverpool, but with a very high score and thus returns as one of the highest scoring losers. We wish them good luck – and if you can’t watch live you can watch subsequently on the BBC i-Player.

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