Admissions Period FAQs

Admissions Period FAQs

Nov 27, 2017

St Peter’s is very much looking forward to welcoming candidates to the college in the next few weeks.

Detailed below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions that have been sent to the college. Please check back for regular updates.

Ensure that you have completed the Interview Reply Form before reading any further! 

Is there a dress code for the interviews at St Peter’s College?

No. You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes for interviews at Oxford. There may be times when you have to walk to other colleges for interviews, so it is also best to ensure you are dressed accordingly for rain or shine!

What activities will the college provide for candidates during their free time?

There is no formalised timetable of activities during free time. You should take advantage of the opportunity to explore Oxford while you are here. During the evenings, the Student Helpers may host activities in the Junior Common Room (the JCR), such as quizzes, table-tennis tournaments, film nights, and other opportunities to socialise with other candidates. You may also like to bring some coursework to complete, or a book to read. Any evening activities will be on an informal, drop-in basis, although it is recommended that you spend time in the Junior Common Room as much as possible.

How can I best prepare for my interviews?

This video, produced by Oxford Pathways, has lots of useful information about Oxford interviews. 

I am an international student. My flight is the day after my last interview. What accommodation provisions are in place in this scenario?

Complete the Interview Reply Form detailing your travel arrangements. We do what we can to accommodate people’s travel requirements should you be travelling a large distance to the college for interview.