Hilary Term 2018

Hilary Term 2018

Trump and ‘The New York Times’.

by Mark Damazer on Jan 26, 2018

Steve Erlanger, one of the great contemporary New York Times journalists, a Pulitzer prize winner, and currently the Brussels-based Diplomatic Correspondent (Europe), came to talk about Trump – and more particularly his foreign policy – to a crowd of 70 plus in the Dorfman Centre.

He began with some personal background: he had written a piece about Trump and his yacht in 1988. The...

On Saturday, the college held a memorial service for Prof David Wulstan, a formidable scholar and a musician of the greatest importance in the history of the scholarship and performance of choral music, and an Honorary Fellow of St Peter’s.

David was the founding genius of the Clerkes of Oxenford, created in 1961, which reinvigorated the standing of early English music, ...