Carl Albert

The Honorable Carl B Albert

American Statesman

BA Jurisprudence (1931, Rhodes Scholar)
Bachelor of Civil Law (1934)

Carl Bert Albert (10 May 1908 - 4 February 2000) was a lawyer and a Democratic American politician from Oklahoma. The son of a coal miner, he came to St Peter's in 1931 as a Rhodes Scholar to read Jurisprudence.

Returning to the United States in 1934, he served in the US Army during World War II. He entered politics in 1946, winning a seat in Congress as the Representative for Oklahoma's 3rd Congressional District. He was made House Majority Whip in 1955, and was then successively House Majority Leader (1962-1971) and Speaker of the House (1971-1977). His Speakership coincided with the Watergate crisis, which eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in August 1974.

Having retired from Congress in 1977, he returned to his home town of McAlester, occasionally lecturing at the University of Oklahoma.

An Honorary Fellow of the College, he remained in touch with St Peter's throughout his life, visiting for the last time in 1993. A prize in his honour is given for the best performance in Final Honours School.